UPDATE: Book 3 Tidbits and Answers

Hello all! It’s been a crazy few weeks for me. However, despite that, work on Book 3 has been steady. In fact, I’m feeling as good about the manuscript and writing process in general as I have in quite a while. As the story has continued to take shape my momentum was picked up. I’d say I’m roughly 3 weeks away from finishing the first draft. Lately I’ve had a lot of people messaging me (which, by the way, I LOVE! Always makes my day to hear from readers!) with questions about Book 3. SO, I thought I’d share some info on the book shotgun style. Here it goes…

  • The title of Book 3 will be “Earthly Trinity.” (any guesses what that means??)
  • It will probably be longer than Book 2 but shorter than Book 1
  • Book 3 will have over 100 chapters and, on average, the chapters are the shortest of the trilogy.
  • There are several POV chapters/sections from characters who haven’t had any/many yet (lots of Dace, more Stalkton, more Eva, more Cia).
  • CROSS plays a larger role and their motivations and aims are alluded to within the first few chapters.
  • Chapter 1 of Book 3 picks up immediately where Book 2 ended.
  • Lots of main characters do not survive until the end (and I mean LOTS… 😉 )
  • Cody returns to two previous locations from Books 1 & 2.
  • There WILL be an Epilogue (sorry all you epilogue haters out there!)
  • The Bermuda Triangle mythology plays a role in the plot.

Well, there is much more I could share, but that’s what I’ve got off the top of my head. If you have any questions about Book 3 make sure to send them to me and (if I can) I’ll answer them! Thanks! Have a great weekend!


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4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Book 3 Tidbits and Answers

    • No cover yet. If all things stay on schedule, I’m supposed to start working with the illustrator (the same one who did the awesome covers for Books 1 &2) within the next week or so. I’m excited to get rolling on it!

      I’m planning on doing some excerpts too. For sure the prologue. Possibility another chapter or two as well, although I don’t want to spoil anything of the plot. Probably won’t be until after Christmas though after some of the editing is done.

    • Yeah she wasn’t left in the greatest of places at the end of Book 2! But she still has a part to play. Won’t spoil the HOW or WHAT though. 🙂