UPDATE: Book 3 Slogging Right Along

It has been a crazy few months for me! I recently moved to Atlanta and have been getting settled in my new surroundings. It’s an entirety different world than California! Despite my infrequent posts on this site, I am indeed still alive and well! Check me out on my Facebook where I’m more active!


Anyways, work on Book 3 of The Lost City Chronicles is moving along slow and steady. A few weeks back I turned in Part 1 to my editor to rip to shreds! Part 2 has been moving slowly but I hope the time pays off. The problem right now is not a lack of ideas. In fact, my mind is bursting with events and big scenes. Now the task is just to find a way to translate them onto paper! So thanks for your patience. I’ve been writing this series for almost 5 years now so I want to make sure I finish it well and don’t rush things.

As always,I’d love to hear what you think of the first two books and love to meet you via Facebook. Good luck to all you who are returning/or recently returned to school. Take care!


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2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Book 3 Slogging Right Along

  1. book one and two were awesome,cant wait to read the next one which will hopefully be just as hard to put down. keep up the good work!!!!

    • Awesome! Thanks Cindy! Book 3 is coming together well and is shaping up to end with a bang! I hope you’ll like it! 🙂