Inspirational Christian Non-Fiction

Great for Teenagers

Based on the best-selling Bible study Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby, this book helps teenagers to take ownership of their faith and experience God for themselves.

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Great For College Students

A billion trillion science culture quasar citizens of distant epochs finite but unbounded vastness is bearable only through love rings of Uranus cosmic ocean, science quis nostrum exercitationem ullam corporis suscipit laboriosam.

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Helping the Younger Generations to Experience God

Timeless Biblical truth presented in a culturally relevant way
  • Reaching the Next Generation
    According to some statistics, as many as 70% of young people walk away from their faith after graduating high school. These resources are purposed to equip young people to strengthen their faith and stand courageously when the secular world collides with them.
  • Perfect for Small Groups
    Discussion questions and activities are included at the end of every chapter for small group use.
  • A great graduation gift
    Whether to the graduating class at your church, or your grandson or granddaughter, these books can be a timely gift at an important point in their life.