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General Update

Hey everyone!

It’s been far too long since I posted an update on this site. Near the top of my New Years Resolution list once again for 2017 is to be better and more frequent with my posts. However, unless your name is George R.R. Martin, silence from a writer is usually good news! It means I’m working on writing rather than internet procrastination! Anyways, here’s a quick recap of 2016 and what to expect in 2017.

2016 – Looking Back

1. It was a fairly quiet year for me, compared to other years. The biggest event was the release of The Lost City Chronicles: The Complete Trilogy (click here to purchase if you haven’t checked it out yet). The 1000+ page book complied my entire fantasy trilogy (newly edited and revised) along with new artwork, location maps, and the brand new 100+ page novella Return to a Lost City. The release was special to me for many reasons. Most of all, it was fun to celebrate the crazy 4-year journey of writing the books. A writer is never fully happy with their work, and there are many things I would change or do differently if I could time travel back in time and start over. All things considered, however, I’m extremely proud of what I accomplished and will always love these books.


 2. Some other exciting news in 2016 was that my non-fiction book 7 Steps to Knowing, Doing, and Experiencing the Will of God – For Teens was optioned to a publishing house in Hungary, making it my first translated book. I haven’t seen the physical copy yet, but a neat accomplishment to check off the bucket list!


Overal, 2016 was one of the least-productive writing years for me. A combination of being a PhD student, a father of twins, and other life responsibilities accounts for most of this. Another reason is simply that for the first time in a while I hit a creative wall and had several in-progress projects get stuck in mud. However….

2017 – Looking Ahead

…that wall has been broken! 2017 is looking to be an exciting year.

 1. To start with, I finally found the time to finish the children’s book that I’ve been working on with my wife (who provided the illustrations). We’re currently waiting for a a proof copy to arrive in the mail and then, if all looks well, the book should be released in early-February!   Turtle Cover2. Keeping the momentum going, I also powered-through to finally finish work on my YA Haunted House/Mystery story The Painter’s Portal. The finished manuscript has been sitting in my office for over 2 years, waiting for me to finally get my act together and finish the final edits. The manuscript is currently being read by a couple proof-readers. Once they finish, I will incorporate their edits and suggestions. After that, I will finalize some interior formatting/layout design and settle on a cover. If all goes well, I’m hoping to release this book in March (*fingers crossed*).

Bloody Paintbrush  3. With these two lingering projects nearing completion, I have several others to keep me busy this year. These range from large-scale, fantasy epics, to short-stories, to non-fiction books. Some of these, such as the Fantasy Epic, are already far along in the process (70,000+ words and counting). Others have outlines or even a few chapters complete, and some are still in the conceptualizing stage. Later in the year I’ll do a post breaking these projects down in more detail. For now, its enough to know that there’s LOTS on the horizon and I can’t wait to hit 2017 running! As always, make sure to follow my social media accounts (on the right sidebar) for more regular updates into my world and writing.


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