The Problem of a Blank Page.

As is often the case, my eternal optimism has been unable to keep pace with the reality of my busy life. I’d hoped to have all the engines going full blast for work on Lost City Chronicles, Book 3 by nowUnfortunately that has not been the case. Countless times I’ve sat down to get some work done and ended up staring at the horrifying whiteness of a blank page. It’s hard to talk too much about Book 3 because none of you have read Book 2 yet, but to say that Book 2 ends on a cliff hanger is an understatement… ;P So I continue to swing back and forth on how to get Book 3 off the starting line.

But all is not lost. While I have been fighting for traction I’ve been spending my time plotting out the rest of the story. I have a shameless love of mysteries so I don’t want to disappoint any of you by giving them less-than-satisfying reveals.

Well, maybe this will be the week I break through, it’s bound to happen eventually! Until then, take care and make sure to pre-order your copy of City of Gold! Just over a month to go. Can’t wait.



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