The Lost City Chronicles

A young adult fantasy trilogy teeming with mythological creatures, supernatural settings, and the eternal struggle between good and evil

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City of Gold

The war has begun. A millennium of growing tension between Atlantis and El Dorado has erupted into violent conflict.  Amidst a world in chaos, Cody Clemenson must piece together his own shattered existence. His best friend, Jade, the only constant in his life, has been ripped away and it’s entirely his fault.  Getting her back...

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Earthly Trinity

The End Has Come.  The armies of El Dorado approach like an unstoppable flood. Outnumbered twenty-five to one, Atlantis hastens to ready its feeble defenses. Meanwhile, the mysterious society known as CROSS, long hidden in the shadows, prepares to make its move, wielding an ancient power that could decide the outcome of the war.  Racing against time, Cody...

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The Lost City Chronicles: The Complete Trilogy

Cody Clemenson’s ordinary life is turned upside down when he discovers a mysterious book hidden in an antique bookstore. A secret society emerges to steal the book – willing to kill anyone in its way – and a horrifying monster appears in the night. Cody, along with his best friend, Jade, must flee for their lives. Together, they are pulled into a fantastical world and thrust into the middle of a deadly feud between two mythical cities teetering on the brink of war. In an adventure full of murder and betrayal, Cody must become the hero he always dreamt of being. The fate of the world now hinges on him – and the power of a simple, leather Book. . .

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Your Adventure Awaits

Embark on an Unforgettable Adventure

A mysterious book with remarkable power... A horrifying beast unleashed upon the world... A sinister agency with secret motives... Murder, mystery, and fast-paced action...

Get Lost In An Exciting Fantasy World

Journey to the center of the earth, where ancient and mythical cities become reality. A dangerous world where the long lost city of Atlantis and El Dorado, the city of of gold, teeter on the brink of war.

Meet Memorable Characters

A grumpy dwarf with dark past, a crazy hermit with a taste for eating crunchy toenails, a one-eyed sea captain who prefers to sail in the nude, a jolly British gentleman who also happens to be a deadly, cold-blooded assassin, and many more!