Special ‘Earthly Trinity’ launch campaign!

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Happy to share that my publisher is launching a month-long campaign to offer regular pre-order packages as well as some special, exclusive offers. These range from a basic order of Book 3 to a special full-trilogy collectors edition, to getting to read part of book before its release, or even getting your name printed in the acknowledgments page. The book itself is finished and just waiting to be printed. However, the money raised through his campaign will help ensure the book receives as big and successful a launch as possible.

SO, if you were planning on ordering the book ANYWAY, I encourage you not to wait and to take advantage of this limited time offer. Or to order a copy for friends or family who would enjoy them.

Also, if you’ve really enjoyed the novels and want to contribute toward my current and future writing career then please check out some of the larger packages. ANY support is obviously very appreciated

I’ve poured a lot of myself into this trilogy and have received so much wonderful support along the way. I’m super excited to finally share this final chapter with you!

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