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Well, another fantastic year is in the books! It is mind-boggling to me to look back over all the ups and downs that have taken place in the last 365 days. I was able to publish 2 more books, graduate with my Master’s degree, move from California to Georgia, buy my first house, attend several book conferences, complete the first draft of Earthly Trinity, and maybe other exciting milestones. It was also one of the busiest and most stressful years of my life and taught me some hard, but valuable lessons about my own limitations.

Last year I set 10 New Year’s resolutions and didn’t do too bad. Accomplished 4, did okay in 3, and missed the mark on 3. Hoping for better results this year! In my over-confidence I’ve even upped the goal to 11 resolutions! *GASP!* So, without further adieu, here are my resolutions for 2014…

  1. Run a marathon
  2. Get a Book Contract for new fiction novel (or complete a full novel manuscript for submission)
  3. Get accepted into a PhD program
  4. Read at least 50 non-school related books
  5. Complete p90X (in as close to 90 days as possible)
  6. Full year of eating vegan
  7. Gain teaching experience (in whatever form I can)
  8. Write and record at least 1 song
  9. Cook dinner roughly twice a week (and have meals not taste too horrible. My poor poor wife…)
  10. Reach 1000 LIKES on my author Facebook page (help me out on this one by heading here –>
  11. Get Christ & Culture website/blog up and running
  12. Read through entire Bible in 2014

You will only ever get one 2014, so make it count! Looking forward to all the new year holds for us!


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