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I’ve been getting a bunch of messages this week asking about the release date for Earthly Trinity. It’s encouraging to see so many people looking forward to the upcoming book. I really hope you are all satisfied with how the series ends! The last book in trilogies have a reputation for being slightly disappointing. I know I have found myself underwhelmed several times after reading an ending that fell short of my own vision or expectations. Hopefully you won’t feel the same way after THIS final book! I pushed myself to the extreme to make it the best book I could, but only time (and you!) will tell if i succeeded or not.

As for the release date, I don’t have a hard date yet. However, last I heard from the publisher you can expect to have the book in your hand the last week in August or first week in September.  So about three months. At this moment, the manuscript is entirely finished and being worked on by the layout designer. Once she finishes, the manuscript will be put in line for printing. Coming soon the book will be available on for pre-order and I’ll also be releasing a few preview chapters to tide you over!

Thank you all for your patience and your enthusiasm for these books. Every time I receive a message from one of you it fills me with joy and reminds me of why I work so hard to produce the best books I can. You guys rock! Stay tuned for upcoming news!


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