The Lost City Chronicles: The Complete Trilogy

Cody Clemenson’s ordinary life is turned upside down when he discovers a mysterious book hidden in an antique bookstore. A secret society emerges to steal the book – willing to kill anyone in its way – and a horrifying monster appears in the night. Cody, along with his best friend, Jade, must flee for their lives. Together, they are pulled into a fantastical world and thrust into the middle of a deadly feud between two mythical cities teetering on the brink of war. In an adventure full of murder and betrayal, Cody must become the hero he always dreamt of being. The fate of the world now hinges on him – and the power of a simple, leather Book. . .

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The Lost City Chronicles presented in a fresh and exciting way. Perfect for for those looking to experience the adventure for the very first time ad also those looking to enjoy the story all over again.

Exclusive Features of This Ultimate Collection Include…

  • "Return to the Lost City" Novella!
    Over 120 pages of new, never-before-released story set 10 years after the original trilogy. Revisit familiar friends and new enemies in this exciting new adventure.
  • All New Maps and Illustrations!
    Several new maps and interior illustrations, created exclusively for this collection.
  • The Revised and "Definitive" Story!
    In addition to compiling all three books into one beautiful volume, Daniel has also made several revisions to "Legend of the Book Keeper", making collection the 'definitive' story!
  • Over 1000 Pages of Adventure!