Pre-Order ‘Earthly Trinity’ and Get Books 1&2 FREE!


To celebrate the upcoming release of ‘Earthly Trinity’ my publisher is offering a spectacular deal. For a limited time, if you pre-order Book 3 you will get Books 1 & 2  


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2 thoughts on “Pre-Order ‘Earthly Trinity’ and Get Books 1&2 FREE!

  1. HI Daniel
    I was hoping to get this book for my son for Christmas. Can you let me know when it will be available and if the 3 for 1 deal is still around? I thought it would be fun to give them to my niece and nephew.
    Thank you.

    • Hey Pat,

      Sorry I am so late in responding. This Christmas season ended up being crazy! Unfortunately the 3-1 deal is finished, but the new book should now be available on amazon. Also, I’ll be finally getting my website store updated soon as well. Sorry again for missing the message, but thanks so much for your support!