No News is Good News, Right? (‘Earthly Trinity’ and other writing Updates)

In the world of writing, usually the old adage “no news is good news” is often true. When a writer goes silent from websites, blogs, or social media it is usually because they are consumed by their writing and experiencing those rare creativity surges. So, while I have been awful at reminding the world that I’m still alive and well, know that it is only because I’ve been hard at work! So, here are a few quick updates on my current projects:

1. ‘Earthly Trinity.” – Trust me, I am just as eager as YOU are for this book to be released! It’s coming soon, I promise. This week I reviewed the final formatted manuscript and signed off on it. All that’s left is for a few minor layout tweaks and then it’s off to the printer! I spoke with the publisher today about getting the book up for pre-order on Amazon and releasing some sample chapters, so stay tuned. The book is 481 pages, making it the longest in the trilogy.  Last I heard, it’s on target for a September release date. 

2. ‘The Painter’s Portal’ – I haven’t mentioned this pet project yet, but it is actually the result of an idea I had years ago while working on Legend of the Book Keeper. Due to my commitments to The Lost City Chronicles, I wasn’t able to pursue it until now. I’m almost finished the first draft. Don’t want to give away too much yet, but it will be a stand-alone story that also functions as the first book in a new series. Tone-wise, it’s a bit of a mash-up between a spooky haunted house tale, a murder mystery, and some supernatural/fantasy elements tossed in! In other exciting news, it will also be my first fiction book to include interior illustrations! A incredibly talented artist will get started on the drawings in the new week or so. Can’t wait! Expect more info after the ‘Earthly Trinity’ launch.

3. ‘Heroes Reborn’ – I’ve mentioned at various times in my updates that I’ve been doing some outlining and research for a new epic fantasy novel (think – Wheel of Time/LoTR/Song of Fire and Ice). It’s too early to give many details, but I’m about 40,000 works into the first draft. It’s shaping up to be a large, sprawling adventure. It’s quite a bit more gritty than my other books, without (hopefully) losing any of the elements that make fantasy such a fun genre, Due to the books depth and length, it will be a slow burn. Will probably take me a year or so to finish the draft. But hey, you have the above two books to tide you over until then!

4. “Twins” – the greatest adventure on this list also happens to be a TRUE story. I’m excited to share that me and my wife are expecting TWINS! Can’t wait to start on this new journey! Keep us in your prayers as the babies develop and my wife deals with the symptoms of carrying two human beings in her belly!

Thank you all for your patience and enthusiasm! Can’t wait to share these new stories with you. And if you’ve read my books, I’d love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions. Just shoot me a message or join the Facebook group. Thanks!


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