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Legend of the Book Keeper

The Lost City Chronicles, Book 1

The first entry in Daniel's exciting debut fantasy series. Join teenagers Cody and Jade as they make a miraculous discovery that will thrust them into the middle of a thrilling and dangerous adventure.


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City of Gold

The Lost City Chronicles, Book 2

The adventure continues in the award-wining second book of Daniel's debut fantasy trilogy The Lost City Chronicles. 

Award Winner

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Earthly Trinity

The Lost City Chronicles, Book 3

The epic conclusion to the Lost City Chronicles trilogy. Filled with countless twists-and-turns, shocking revelations, and satisfying answers to major mysterious, Earthly Trinity finishes the trilogy with a bang!

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The Lost City Chronicles: The Complete Trilogy

Includes the exclusive short story "Return to the Lost City"

The ultimate Lost City Chronicles experience. The entire trilogy bound together in one beautiful volume. Includes new art work, new maps, and a previously unreleased novella Return to a Lost City, set 13 years after the original trilogy!

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The Painter's Portal

The Gallowood Files, Case #1

The house at the end of Hallow’s Drive was haunted. Every kid in Gallowood knew so. Even the bravest children are smart enough to keep their distance from the ancient, abandoned building. But when circumstances force the three Cavanaugh siblings to trespass, they quickly learn the reasons for its horrifying reputation. They will also make a terrifying discovery that may cost them their lives: the house at the end of Hallow’s Drive is not abandoned– and its sinister inhabitant is not very pleased to have been disturbed

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Two Thankful Turtles

Illustrated Children's Book

A fun and colorful children's story that teaches children to celebrate their differences and the unique way that God made them.  

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When World's Collide

The media-driven world places enormous pressure on people to conform to its secular point of view—and young people are especially susceptible to this ploy. Writing to a student audience, Daniel explains how Christians typically respond to this pressure in one of three ways:

"Cave-Ins" are Christians who accept the world's values and compromise their faith or abandon it altogether. "Cave-Dwellers" are believers who fear the world and seek to insulate themselves from it and its influence as much as possible. "Colliders" are the Christians who remain true to their faith yet effectively engage the world and are used by God to change peoples' lives.

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7 Steps

Seven Steps to Knowing, Doing, and Experiencing the Will of God for Teens goes deeper than just knowing about God, it guides you to partner with God in what He is doing all around you to make an eternal difference in this world.
Based on the world-renowned Experiencing God teachings, Tom, Mike, and Daniel Blackaby (Henry Blackaby's son and grandsons) utilize cartoon illustrations, true-life stories, and fresh graphics as they take an earnest, yet humorous, look at what it means for teenagers to have a vibrate personal relationship with God in their often challenging settings.   

Award Finalist

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