Monthly Update – April

Can it really be April already??? Is it just me or is this year going in light-speed? Maybe it’s just the constant delirium I find myself in as a father of newborn twins who love to eat and poop…a lot…and often at the same time. Regardless, in between endless diaper changing and scary PhD work I’ve actually somehow managed to build momentum on several writing projects. In fact, March was probably my most productive month since the homestretch of Earthly Trinity. Not really sure how I managed it, but here’s to hoping I can keep it up! Anyways, onward to some updates…



Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 2.48.41 PMAs you can see, I’ve made some significant headway since last month with around 20,000 new words written (#BeastMode). What I once considered a back burner project for 2016 is now a realistic possibility to have the first draft finished by June (note: the 150,000 word goal is just a ballpark number to give me a goal to work toward). Due to the size and complexity of the story, however, I do anticipate a rather lengthy editing phase. Overall, I’m fairly happy with how the story is coming together. This project basically started with me going: “by golly, I’m going to write the epic fantasy saga that I would love to discover in a bookstore and a pox with expectations/restrictions/current trends!” So it remains to be seen if anyone else will actually enjoy going on the journey with me, but I hope you will. The story has become somewhat of a throwback Tolkien-esque fantasy, while also containing some modern, self-aware satire on some of the cliches of the genre. Basically, it’s a love-letter to fantasy that pays homage to it’s great history while also having fun turning some of its tropes upside-down. Stay tuned 🙂


Eyes through the blinds

I actually finished writing the first draft several months ago. In fact, I’ve already written the first 5 chapters of the sequel! (with the working title The Performer’s Prison, although I’m not totally sold on that, so it may change at some point). However, I’ve set the manuscript aside for two reasons. First, so that some awesome illustrations can be completed! (such as the wonderfully creepy early comp art above); and second, because I feel that the last third or so of the story needs some more reworking. Things get a little crazy/mind-bending at the end and I want to make sure the action is easy enough to follow. I also want to double-check that I’m consistent with the established in-world rules etc. The current plan is to finish the first draft of Heroes Reborn, then finish this story, before returning to edit and finish Heroes Reborn. If all goes as planned (and it rarely does), I hope to have some form of this book available by the end of the year. *Fingers Crossed.*


Not much to report on this front. It is third in line behind the above two projects so I probably won’t get much written until the end of the year at the earliest. That said, I have already completed much of the world-building, drawn up several maps, done some research, laid out a nearly-complete story outline as well as some rough outlines for where the series as a whole is going. I got so excited by the outlining that I actually went ahead and wrote the first several chapters (before showing constraint and obeying my wife’s Rule of Two, restricting me to only work on two different books at a time. Sigh). It’s obviously really early, but the story definitely has the potential to be the most easily-accessible book I’ve done. Can’t wait to jump into it more in the future.


Well, that’s it for now. Thank you again for your interest and support of my writing passion. I would write these stories even if not a single person on this planet was going to read them because I have a crazy writing obsession and love telling stories. But being able to hear from and connect with people who have read (and hopefully enjoyed!) my books has made the whole process so rewarding and helps push me through the days where I’m convinced I’m the worst writer in the history of the English Language. So thank you so much! Can’t wait for the day when I can finally share these stories with you. Have a great April!




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