“The Painter’s Portal” available NOW!

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It’s here! At long last, The Painter’s Portal is now available! It’s been a long journey, but I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for all your support through the process. Get your copy today at the links below. Enjoy! Webstore. Amazon    

A Storm is Brewing….

A quick update on what to expect in the next few months.

I’m Baaaaaaaack! Let’s just get this out of the way up front: I’ve been off the grid for the last several months. Things have been crazy in camp Blackaby. Considering my last update on this page was in MARCH (!!!), I thought it was probably time to check in again! Lots of exciting announcements and […]

New Book Cover Reveal!

'The Painter's Portal' - Coming April, 2017

Happy to finally release the cover of my upcoming haunted house/thriller book! Hope you like it. I know I sure do! I’m aiming for an April release date, so stay tuned! Dan

‘Two Thankful Turtles’ released TODAY!

Make Sure to get your copy of my first illustrated children's book

After much hard work, I’m thrilled to finally release my first ever illustrated children’s book! My wife really knocked it out of the park with her illustrations. I promise you’re going to love them! This is a fun little book that teaches an important lesson for children. Make sure to get your copy today! Get […]

‘The Lost City Chronicles: The Complete Trilogy’ available NOW!

Get your copy today!

  Today is the day! Happy to finally share this exciting new release with all of you! These stories have been a major part of my life for the last six years and I’m thrilled to be able to present them in this ┬ádefinitive new version, which includes: The full original trilogy packaged together for […]