The Name of the Wind (New York: DAW Books, 2008)

I was finally able to move this book off my towering “To Read” stack (as well as the sequel, The Wise Man’s Fear). Without question, this book was one of the most engaging Fantasy books I’ve encountered since Eye of the World or the early Game of Thrones books.

Rothfuss has an almost poetic or lyrical style to his writing that is both unique and inspiring. It is rare to find a book of this length where every word still appears to have been carefully selected. A perfect example of fine craftsmanship. The story itself unfolds slowly and is smaller in scope, not falling into the standard formula of a hero saving the world from the threat of a growing a dark power. Both are a refreshing change of pace for those of us that devour a large number of Fantasy books. If you’re a fan of the genre, a fan of well written prose, or an aspiring writer looking for inspiration, I recommend checking out these books. If you’ve already read them, let me know what you thought.

(Note: A heads up for some of my readers. Book 2 does contain a fair bit more sexual material than book 1. The scenes are generally implied and not ever graphic. Nothing that can’t be skipped over if necessary, but something to be aware of).

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