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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down down at a typewriter and bleed.” Ernest Hemingway

The process of creating a book is like birthing of a child – messy and exhausting but worth every second! A ton of grinding labor goes on behind-the-scenes. Chapters are reworked or axed altogether, stacks of notes are scribbled and thrown away, and on and on for months or even years. As a thank you to you amazing readers and supporters I thought I’d share some of these scraps. If you enjoyed my books or are simply  curious in how the writing process works, I hope you enjoy this bonus content. I’ll continue to post content here as I continue to write so make sure to keep check back. Enjoy the chaos!

The Lost City Chronicles 

*SPOILERS* I highly recommend waiting until you’ve finished entire trilogy first before opening these documents Read at your own risk! 

Lost Chapters – Two deleted/unedited chapters from the first draft of Legend of the Book Keeper. They were cut to increase the plot’s pace and sense of urgency. Nothing crucial to the overall story but they are still fun. 

Unused Preface to City of Gold – I had an idea to include a summary of Book 1 in the front of Book 2 to help readers get refreshed on the story. I thought it would be fun to write the recap as a news article from the perspective of the notorious Fincher Tople. In the end, I couldn’t get the idea to work in time for the book’s release so I scrapped it.

Publishing Schedule – I’m often asked questions regarding the process/timeline for writing a book. For those interested in the nitty-gritty, here’s an example of an editing/publishing schedule I had with my editor for Earthly Trinity. These were never set in stone and would undergo several changes (as evident by our overly optimistic deadline and release date!) but it gives the basic idea.

Encyclopedia – I’m not the best at actually writing down my outlines. Okay, I’m terrible! However, here is proof that I’m not the worst outlining author alive. I put this together near the beginning. It was mostly used to gather my thoughts and assure my editor that I actually knew where the crazy story was going! Read closely and you’ll notice many details were changed for the books. I rarely consulted this document after Book Keeper because I had a good grasp of characters by that point. This document is in no way canon for the series, but you might find some interesting facts or tidbits.

Original Ideas Page – These are some of the original notes I jotted down after I got the idea for the series. Every book starts with an incoherent vomiting of ideas just like this! Crazy how different the books could have been had I followed these original ideas (one major detail in particular. You’ll know what one I’m talking about!)

 Cover Design

These are some of the original comps done for the cover design of the series. You can see the progression from crude sketch to finished product as I went back and forth with the illustrator. Without question, the cover design process was one of the most exciting part of the whole process!

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