Another Book 3 Update

September has been a crazy month for me. I’ve had a string of speaking engagements as well as other personal commitments etc. However, amidst the chaos I have continued to plug away at the third and final book of the Lost City Chronicles. I know I am a cruel, cruel writer to leave Book 2 with such a cliffhanger! I have seen several comments popping up on Amazon/Goodreads etc. wondering if/when a third book will appear. Fear not, it IS coming! It should be available sometime around mid-2014. I’m writing as fast as I can, but landing this plane I’ve been flying for almost 5 years now has been a difficult task.

Without question Book 3 has been the most challenging for me. However, I am encouraged by how the story is shaping up and hope it will be worth the wait! Thanks for your patience! As always, make sure to keep spreading the word and sharing the books with friends and family you think might enjoy them. 🙂


If you are a Goodreads user, make sure to add Book 3 to your to-read list and stay up to date.

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2 thoughts on “Another Book 3 Update

    • Not sure what the exact date will be yet. To my knowledge I think it should be out sometime between July-Septemeber. So, unfortunately, still a good chunk of time. But I’m pushing hard to get it out as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience! Hope you enjoyed the first 2 books.