My Bio

I’m just a huge geek who loves books. A lot. I love reading them, writing them, and connecting with others who feel the same! I grew up in the icy wonderland of Western Canada until migrating to the significantly warmer southern United States. In 2010 I married Sarah, my soulmate, better(looking) half, and most brutally honest book critic! In 2015 we welcomed two little warriors to our family: twin boys named Logan and Emerson.

I’ve been writing since childhood (mostly blatant Star Wars rip-offs with zero coherent plot and enormous amounts of gratuitous sci-fi action). As a 23-year old in my final year of college I had the awesome opportunity to co-write and publish my first book. That kicked off what has been an exhilarating writing adventure. I have since published a second non-fiction book and taken the plunge in the marvelous world of fiction with my debut YA fantasy trilogy The Lost City Chronicles.

I really appreciate you taking the time to check out my site. I hope you’ll join me on this crazy adventure. Make sure to check out my Social Media pages. I’d love to connect and talk about life, sports, music and, of course, books.


My Heritage 


By publishing my first book I added another link to the chain of an amazing heritage. I’m a 5th generation published author! My great-great-uncle was a published poet in England, as was my great-grandpa after him. Next came my grandpa, Henry Blackaby, author of the best-selling Experiencing God. Continuing the “family business”, my father Richard has over 30 published works to his name. I also have multiple other relatives who are writers and both my siblings are published authors as well. I guess it’s in the blood! I’ve very blessed to be the latest (and best-looking) writer in what has become a tremendous legacy.



My Testimony 

Everybody has a story.  A formative chapter in my life story was a struggle with severe insomnia as a teenager, and more importantly, how God miraculously used my pain to save lives and encourage others. Check out the video to hear some of my testimony. And don’t hesitate to send any questions my way about what or why I believe what I do. I’d be happy to answer them the best I can.