Silence is a Good Thing

Quick update on my current progress

The world of literature is perhaps one of the few areas where the old adage “no news is good news” rings true. When an author is constantly posting on social media, chances are they are experiencing a severe writers block. When they are silent, it may just be because they are writing up a storm. […]

Legend of the Book Keeper Turns 3!

Happy 3rd birthday to Legend of the Book Keeper! Part of me feels like it was just yesterday that I was first meeting Cody and Jade and following them on their adventures. A different part of me feels as though it was another life ago! A lot has happened in the last three years but when […]


Poetics (Penguin Classics, 1997)

I’ve been wanting to read this book for years (and not JUST because reading Aristotle makes me feel smart!). Lots of wisdom in this short discourse. If you’re a fellow writer or storyteller, I recommend checking it out!

Attack of the Website Bugs!

As you may have noticed, several elements of this website have gone crazy. The danger of pressing the “update” button. While I’m down with the new “man-of-mystery” vibe of header (not really) there are obviously some bugs that will need to be worked out. I’m crazy busy right now so the fixes might take a […]

Monthly Update – April

Can it really be April already??? Is it just me or is this year going in light-speed? Maybe it’s just the constant delirium I find myself in as a father of newborn twins who love to eat and poop…a lot…and often at the same time. Regardless, in between endless diaper changing and scary PhD work I’ve […]

Two Books for only $2? Wowzers!

Greetings ladies and gents, Being the all-around good guy that I strive to be, I wanted to draw your attention to a great deal you might be missing out on. The Kindle version of both Legend of the Book Keeper and City of Gold are each only $1 each on That’s less than a Starbucks cappuccino (of course, […]

Monthly Update – March

Hey everyone, One of the curses of being a writer is that we usually validate the stereotype that authors pend all there day and nights cooped up in their office with nothing but our writing, coffee, and their lonely self. To prove that I do still exist, I’ve decided to write brief monthly top-of-my-head updates on my life, […]